Picking a Condo that Matches your Lifestyle

Condo Living

Condo Living While many people once shied away from condominiums, today, this home-owners option is sought out by people of all ages and lifestyles. Condominiums are popping up in all neighbourhoods, with amenities that cater to the needs of people with all types of wants, needs, and abilities. Whether you are a working professional, young family, retiree, live an active lifestyle or require accessibility accommodations, appealing features offered by many of these condominiums are making this home-buyers option an appealing and competitive one.

As with the growing market of condominium homeowners, the variety of notable features offered under the fees are growing as well. Condominiums are not just for retired downsizers anymore, they are built to meet the lifestyle needs of all different types of people at all different stages of life. Whether you are a young family looking for proximity to schools, transportation, and parks or recreational facilities, a working professional with minimal time for home maintenance, who enjoys the accessibility of shops and restaurants at the doorstep, or a small-town nature lover who enjoys fresh air and green space, there are buildings that are designed to meet your needs accordingly.

Condominiums today are not just designed to provide you with the peace of mind of no major outdoor repairs or maintenance, they are designed to also provide you with the environmental and social needs that you and your family are looking for to thrive in this ever-evolving city. So leave the laborious work for the professionals, and really take advantage of and enjoy what your condominium life can offer you. Here is a list of things to consider to help you find the right condominium to meet, and enhance your lifestyle needs.



When choosing a condo, many people find the ease of access to the amenities offered appealing. These can range from simple amenities to a more luxurious, and of course, depending on what you are looking for, price range will come into effect.


Gyms and Swimming

Gyms and Pools are one of the more common features that condominiums have to offer. Cost may affect whether these amenities are small in nature or more centre-like, equipped with an assortment of machines, change rooms, and showers, hot tubs, and saunas.


Underground or Covered Parking Structures

Forget about wiping the snow off your car and shovelling your way out of the driveway through the cold winter months; underground parking is another great feature that many condominiums have available to their owners.


Concierge and Security

Have peace of mind knowing that there will always be someone available to accept and notify of visitors, schedule rides and pick up services, accept deliveries, and address security concerns. Concierge services can differ based on the exclusiveness of the building, and of course, the price and fees associated to the building.


Movie Theatres and Entertainment Rooms

Many condominiums have the use of party rooms available to owners to book for dinners or get-togethers that may be too big for their homes. Additionally, a newer feature making its way into these buildings is movie theatres. So skip the lines and have a date night close to home!



Whether you are looking for parks for your children to play, green space for your animals to run, or nature paths and tennis courts for fresh air and exercise, many condominiums are built with these areas in mind, to ensure accessibility for families with children and those that enjoy an active lifestyle.



Another key factor some have in mind is a home with a view. The Ottawa area has beautiful scenery that specific condominiums have taken advantage of to ensure gorgeous views that appeal to buyers.

If a beautiful view is what makes your day a good one, areas along the Rideau River or the downtown core with views of Parliament and Gatineau are worth good consideration. Additionally, Almonte’s view of the Mississippi River is one that should be considered if you enjoy a small-town feel just outside of the city limits.



If you are an exclusive walker or public transit user, you may be looking for an area that has everything in close proximity to your condominium. This could include particular retail stores, pharmacies, grocery, doctor’s offices, your place of work or office, and of course, accessible major OC Transpo routes to take you anywhere outside of walking distance.

These pockets can be found in the downtown core, as well as smaller communities such as Westboro that are a short jaunt from the new LRT system and busses that provide an easy commute in any direction.



If you are a family with children, another option to consider is proximity to available daycare centres, schools, and sports and recreational centres. When these amenities are available to young families, it becomes much easier to get your kids from point A to point B and not fret about timing. Your friends and family will wonder how you “do it all” and still manage to have the kids fed and sleeping by their bedtimes each night.

Barrhaven and Stittsville/Kanata Lakes offer many of these types of communities that take a lot of travel time off of parents with small children and enhance accessibility to educational services and extra-curricular activities to ensure kids don’t miss out on any opportunities.



While many people enjoy the city life, if a small-town vibe is more your style, places like Manotick, Kemptville, and Almonte, offer condominiums located in beautiful bright areas, close to shops and green space or small parks, but away from the city air and busy streets. These towns generally lack the main public OC Transpo routes, so transportation is a key factor in deciding if whether or not these condos meet your lifestyle needs. But if you are looking for a “know-your-neighbour” feel and do not mind driving when errands require in town stops, these communities can be the perfect place to call home.

Amenities that are offered by condominiums are different everywhere you look. Understanding what makes you happy, and what wants and needs are of most importance to you can make a huge difference when it comes to feeling good about your homeownership. If you have any questions about whether a condominium is right for you and what buildings would meet your lifestyle needs, we are always happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us today!